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n order for a solicitor to be able to advise you properly as to a fair and suitable settlement both parties need to provide full disclosure of their financial circumstances.

Parties usually need to provide disclosure of the following information/ documents:-

  • Details of all properties in which the party has an interest providing, a copy of any valuation of the property  which you may have acquired within the last six months

  • an up to date redemption statement in respect of the mortgage or any other loan secured against the property ( or properties)

  • copies of all bank statements for the last twelve months in respect of any accounts that you hold either in your sole name or jointly with any other party

  • Evidence of any other capital you may have for example, Building Society accounts, Tessa‚Äôs, ISAs PEPs or premium Bonds.

  • Details of any other assets, together with copy valuation information i.e. antiques, personal possessions over £500

  • Evidence of any financial liabilities that you may have for example credit cards, loans or store cards

  • Where appropriate, the last two years accounts for any company you may be involved with

  • An up to date CETV ( Cash equivalent Transfer Value)  from each of your pension providers, including a second state pension valuation if applicable.

  • Details of your income by way of salary, including details of your employer, how long you have been employed, the number of hours worked, copies of your last three payslips together with your last P60 (or tax returns)

  • Details of any other income you have together with documentary evidence of the same

  • Details of any money that is owed to you

  • Details of any business that you are/ have been involved with.

  • Details of your monthly expenditure, and estimated future income needs (including details for yourself and any children)

  • Details of what you believe your capital needs are i.e. housing, a car, etc (including needs for any children)

  • Up to date evidence of mortgage capacity

  • Any other relevant documentation to include information  in relation to policies and shares and any other relevant assets, along with suitable housing details and costs.

  • Details of any likely change that will or has occurred

  • Any factors that you believe will or have affected your financially

If Disclosure is not provided voluntarily, then it will be ordered by the court once financial proceedings are issued.
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